Las Vegas - September 2006 - Aerial Pics

I absolutely love flying, and I really love viewing the earth from the air. Our trip took us from Calgary to Los Angeles (check out the 'smog' pic), to Las Vegas, and then back through San Francisco on the way home. Very interesting geographical scenery - I just love flying over mountains!

IMG_0079.jpg IMG_0080.jpg IMG_0081.jpg IMG_0082.jpg IMG_0083.jpg IMG_0084.jpg
IMG_0085.jpg IMG_0086.jpg IMG_0087.jpg IMG_0088.jpg IMG_0089.jpg IMG_0090.jpg
IMG_0091.jpg IMG_0092.jpg IMG_0093.jpg IMG_0094.jpg IMG_0096.jpg IMG_0097.jpg
IMG_0098.jpg IMG_0104.jpg IMG_0105.jpg IMG_0107.jpg IMG_0108.jpg IMG_0109.jpg
IMG_0110.jpg IMG_0111.jpg IMG_0112.jpg IMG_0115.jpg IMG_0119.jpg IMG_0121.jpg
IMG_0122.jpg IMG_0123.jpg IMG_0124.jpg IMG_0125.jpg IMG_0126.jpg IMG_0127.jpg
IMG_0128.jpg IMG_0129.jpg IMG_0130.jpg IMG_0131.jpg IMG_0132.jpg IMG_0133.jpg
IMG_0136.jpg IMG_0138.jpg IMG_0139.jpg IMG_0140.jpg IMG_0142.jpg IMG_0143.jpg
IMG_0146.jpg IMG_0147.jpg IMG_0148.jpg IMG_0149.jpg IMG_0151.jpg IMG_0152.jpg
IMG_0153.jpg IMG_0154.jpg IMG_0155.jpg IMG_0157.jpg IMG_0158.jpg IMG_0159.jpg
IMG_0163.jpg IMG_0164.jpg IMG_0167.jpg IMG_0973.jpg IMG_0975.jpg IMG_0976.jpg
IMG_0977.jpg IMG_0979.jpg IMG_0980.jpg IMG_0981.jpg IMG_0984.jpg IMG_0986.jpg
IMG_0987.jpg IMG_0989.jpg IMG_0990.jpg IMG_0992.jpg IMG_0994.jpg IMG_0998.jpg
IMG_0999.jpg IMG_1000.jpg IMG_1002.jpg IMG_1006.jpg IMG_1008.jpg IMG_1009.jpg