Burnaby - November 2006 - Around Burnaby

We stayed at the Executive Hotel in Burnaby, which had pretty nice suites. The weather was typical - raining half the time, but this means all the plants are still green! I wandered around the hotel and found a Skytrain terminal which afforded me a view of downtown Vancouver on one side, and the mountains on the other.

Erin was pretty happy to be done with everything after the show. We took some pics (my god Clay and I look so white!), making sure to include Super Pickle, and went to Boston Pizza for the afterparty, where Erin jealously guarded her first non-diet meal in 4 months! :)

IMG_1223.jpg IMG_1187.jpg IMG_1188.jpg IMG_1189.jpg IMG_1182.jpg IMG_1190.jpg
IMG_1216.jpg IMG_1217.jpg IMG_1218.jpg IMG_1219.jpg IMG_1220.jpg IMG_1228.jpg
IMG_1229.jpg IMG_1230.jpg