Burnaby - November 2006 - Aerial Pics

A short plane trip and lots of clouds made for not the greatest aerial photo situation. However I did take a few I really like - the mountains before the clouds covered them, and even some of the actual cloud formations. I also like the grey and gloomy ones of Vancouver island covered in clouds - I think the ocean looks cool from up there. The last one is of the lights of Calgary as we were landing coming home. Of course I couldn't get a steady shot, but I thought the pic looked kinda neat!

The first two rows of pics (plus the first one in the third row) are from the trip there, and the rest are from the trip back.

IMG_1150.jpg IMG_1151.jpg IMG_1152.jpg IMG_1153.jpg IMG_1156.jpg IMG_1160.jpg
IMG_1164.jpg IMG_1165.jpg IMG_1170.jpg IMG_1171.jpg IMG_1173.jpg IMG_1174.jpg
IMG_1175.jpg IMG_1269.jpg IMG_1270.jpg IMG_1272.jpg IMG_1273.jpg IMG_1276.jpg
IMG_1277.jpg IMG_1278.jpg IMG_1280.jpg IMG_1281.jpg IMG_1282.jpg IMG_1287.jpg