Sunflower - 1999 - left lower back


This was my first tattoo. I was a co-op student at the time, and all the other students were going skydiving as sort of a rite of passage, but I just couldn't bring myself to do that, so I decided to get a tattoo instead! I had been thinking about tattoos for some time, but had not made the plunge yet... I walked into (what was then) Symbols of Strength (S.O.S.) on 17th Ave. and looked at the flash on the wall. I really liked a sunflower head from a multi-flower wristband design, but I just wanted a single flower with leaves, so I picked a stem and leaves from a rose, and had the artist put the two together. I didn't know any specific artists at the time, so I just sent with whoever had an opening (I don't remember his name). I booked my appointment for a couple hours later that day, and wandered around town until it was time. It took about 45 mins to have done, and thus was born my addiction to body art! :)