Lord of the Rings Inscription - 2002 - left upper arm

All four sections of script

Having been a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy since I was a child (I read it for the first time in Grade 6), I was super excited when it was made into a movie. Shortly after Fellowship of the Ring came out I decided to immortalize my love of Elvish by having the inscription from the One Ring tattooed as an armband. I was able to find an Elvish font on the internet, and determined how to duplicate the exact inscription from the ring. I printed it out and took it into S.O.S. Unfortunately Steve was booked up for some time, and I really wanted to get this tattoo done soon, so I picked someone else who had an earlier opening (I don't remember his name). He had a keen attention to detail, and duplicated the inscription perfectly! It was my longest tattoo as it took about 2.5 hours and it's only in black!. To this day it is still my favorite - it looks as good as it did the day I got it! I get asked about it a lot, both by people who know what it is and think it's great, and by people who don't know what it is and usually think it is my name or something written in some foreign language (usually Arabic)! For those who don't know, the inscription reads:
  One Ring to rule them all
  One Ring to find them
  One Ring to bring them all
  And in the darkness bind them