Future Ideas

For many years I have thought about getting some kind of tattoo incorporating my dogs - mostly I have considered paw prints in some form. Unfortunately I can't decide if I want large prints, small prints, their names/initials in it or not, and where I want it. For the most part I have determined I want an anklet/ankle band of small black paw prints. But then I think I might want their names (Carlos and Zeta) put in the prints, in which case they'd have to be bigger, or I'd have to put one letter in each print, and then the prints would have to be just outlines instead of filled-in black. And I go around and around without finding what I really want. I continue to think about it, and I know that when I finally find the 'right' design I will know it without a doubt...

I have also been thinking for some time about getting something large done on my back, involving more butterflies, perhaps vines of some sort, and some flowers (not sure what ones yet). I talked with Darren about ideas when he was doing my Aquarius and tulpen tattoos, and we came up with a great idea to do the 'evolution of the sunflower' across my whole back, and incorporate my existing sunflower and butterfly tattoos. He said he could do sunflowers in various stages of growth, and I want to have them wind their way up the left side of my back (where my existing sunflower is), and spread across my shoulderblades, and have some tendrils crawl over my shoulders and up my neck. I don't want to lose the Aquarius tattoo into this one though, so I don't want it too far up my neck. I also don't want it really dense, but rather light and 'airy'. Not sure if we can achieve that with sunflowers or not, but who knows... This would be a much bigger undertaking that any tattoo I have had done previously, and would require many sittings and significatly more $$. I have not decided yet if I want to do it, or if I want to spend that kind of money. I'm also not exactly sure what I want for the design. I am going to spend some time thinking about it, and researching elements of the design until I am sure what I want and have the money to get it done right. Hopefully Darren is still there by the time I make up my mind!! :)

Here are some pics of tattoos I found on the internet that I am using as inspiration in designing my flower back piece: