Dancing Butterflies - 2001 - right leg, above ankle

Leg 2004

I really liked my butterfly (previous tattoo) and decided I wanted more of them. I also wanted to get something a big bigger, and I wanted to add a language. I picked a butterfly design from art I found on the intenet, and decided I wanted to go with chinese charaters. I was friends with a girl from China, and she helped me design the tattoo. I knew I didn't want the usual 'love', 'hope', 'dragon', etc., so I woked on some ideas, and eventually picked 'Dancing Butterflies' to describe the tattoo itself! My friend drew up the characters for me, and I took the design into S.O.S. and had Steve do this one too. He modified the design slightly - I had simply wanted green and blue butterflies with black characters, and his suggestion was to change the butterflies to warmer colours (red, purple), and add a blue/green 'swirl' in the background to tie the whole design together. I like this idea, so I went with it. This one took about 2 hours to do and is still my largest tattoo.