Garden - 2006 - North Side of Dog Run

This bed runs all the way down the north side of the dog run. It is fairly narrow (~2.5') but the chain link of the dog fence can support taller-growing or climbing plants. It contains 3 Potentilla shrubs I inherited with the house, as well as several perennials, some of which I can't identify. There is also a tree (some sort of Prunus I believe) on the far east end of the bed, which is quickly outgrowing its spot - I am planning to move it in the spring of 2007.

IMG_1826.jpg IMG_1910.jpg IMG_1770.jpg IMG_1670.jpg IMG_1716.jpg IMG_1715.jpg
IMG_1819.jpg IMG_1791.jpg IMG_1820.jpg IMG_1821.jpg IMG_1705.jpg IMG_1792.jpg
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