Garden - 2006 - East Side of Dog Run

This bed runs all the way down the east side of the dog run. It is fairly narrow (~2.5') but the chain link of the dog fence can support taller-growing or climbing plants. One problem is that Zeta is constantly looking for ways to get out of the run, and even though she's tied on a leash inside the run, she still digs under the bottom to get out, wrecking my plants in the process!! In the third row of pics, you'll see a piece of plywood against the dog fence in the third and sixth pics. I had to dig this in and attach it to the fence because she was digging under there and destoying my rose (see rose gallery).

IMG_1846.jpg IMG_1823.jpg IMG_1661.jpg IMG_1674.jpg IMG_1864.jpg IMG_1843.jpg
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