Garden - 2006 - Remembrance Rose

I planted this rose in the summer of 2006 in remembrance of my Grandpa (Jacob Rosloot) who passed away in June. It is a ROSACEAE Rosa Parkland 'Winnipeg Parks' - Winnipeg Parks Rose. I picked this particular rose because I saw one at the Calgary Zoo and thought it was very beautiful and knew it was very hardy in our area. It will always serve to remind me of my Grandpa's love of gardening.

The first row of pics show the rose at various stages of growth. The second row are my attempts to capture it artistically!

IMG_1701.JPG IMG_1665.jpg IMG_1666.jpg IMG_1714.jpg IMG_1760.jpg IMG_1871.jpg
IMG_1880.jpg IMG_1881.jpg IMG_1884.jpg IMG_1898.jpg