Garden - 2006 - Front Yard

We have a fairly small front yard, consisting of a tree, some lawn, and a flower bed running the length of the front of the house. Hopefully over time, the amount of lawn will decrease and the flower bed size will increase! Sorry, some of the pics are kind of fuzzy as I am still learning the settings on my camera. (All plant listings in beds are given top-bottom, left-right)

IMG_1933.jpg IMG_1917.jpg IMG_1918.jpg IMG_1020.jpg IMG_1016.jpg IMG_1019.jpg
IMG_1021.jpg IMG_1835.jpg IMG_1747.jpg IMG_1957.jpg IMG_1706.jpg IMG_1956.jpg
IMG_1749.jpg IMG_1727.jpg IMG_1954.jpg IMG_1952.jpg IMG_1947.jpg IMG_1707.jpg
IMG_1959.jpg IMG_1948.jpg IMG_1949.jpg IMG_1922.jpg IMG_1869.jpg